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When you have arsonists like Don Vinh saying 'follow the science' on masks, low information people will accept this without question because he's an 'expert'. Even though he's an infectious disease doctor and not a PPE expert.

150? You're too kind. I've been on this since June 2020. Try HUNDREDS. Including RCT studies that show they're ineffective not just in community settings but in hospitals as well.

They're superstitious amulets. Nothing more. Anyone still peddling this pseudoscience is not only a moron deceiving people but a jerk.

Not to plug myself but I created a site posting just SELECTED studies and articles. Or else it would be double what I uploaded. That's how many studies there are.

If this isn't science and evidence what is?


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The scrolling marquee at Oakland High School (California) I drive by every day reads,

Wear a mask...

Social distance...

Go Wildcats!

The message hasn’t changed in two years, and the kids are sadly very compliant.

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