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Nice work! Your threefold classification of pandemicist factionalism provides vaccine refusers with a means to confute and disrupt the regime narratives in differing social contexts. I only wish that you had broken the piece into two parts, the portion titled "Regime Media, Part 2" to be posted here at a later date. In my view that would increase the impact of your principal thesis.

In some ways it's a pity but social media tend to encourage pithiness.

I look forward to reading your next piece at "Disaster X"!

~ Dr. Douglas Smith

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Thanks so much, Maximilian, for this insightful analysis.

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Very interesting - I read closely; good to hear a report from Quebec - once one of my favorite places (Mt St Albert especially!) - now I am prohibited from entering (from the US).

I did some research on M. Duhaime - hoping to find a Northern DeSantis - sadly not - very much what we call a paleo-conservative; apart from the policy issues- seems very much a "set up" - Off Guardian has some comment about Kemi Badenoch now a leading candidate for UK Conservative Party leader - they advise: "You should always be suspicious of “surprise candidates” that “come out of nowhere”. Emmanuel Macron was one such, as was Vlodomyr Zelenskyy, and most famously Barack Obama. When a candidate suddenly streaks up the field, it’s more than likely because they’re being pushed."


Finally, I'd sure be interested in hearing what anthropological insight you could bring to what seems to have been a much greater resilience of rural communities to the Covid Operation - it is mentioned above briefly and was much commented on the US. Typical comment ran something like "Covid didn't really happen here (in rural such and such)"

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The Reason is to use Genocide to Solve Global Warming, using an Undeclared War Scenario.

The thrid group, Vandals, are heartless, as they seek to disolve our status as high-carbon burners.

No remorse, as this is planned by military-styled war-gamers, perhaps finalized in the conference rooms contracted by Jared Kushner for Donald Trump to the Advanced Technologies International, Inc., for Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, AstraZeneca, and coordiated with Blackrock, State Street Bank, and Vanguard, etc.

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Biden was supposed to be a 'return to decency'. Instead, it turns out he's the actual tyrant and not Trump. It was all projection all along. Remember when Trump gave a speech that was called 'dark' by the media (it was nothing of the sort. Now the same media is pretending it wasn't that bad when he pulled the other night.

When you say it's over, I agree. But does this apply to Canada as well because it feels as though we're laggards and may very well push this farther than anyone else given mandates remain in place and NACI's recent irresponsible suggestion. This comes on the heels of NIH okaying Ivermectin and a major study once and for all proving its effectiveness. And still no acknowledgement of natural immunity in Canada.

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