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"...and cannot cite independent scientific support..."

Feature not a bug in Canada. They're just mirroring our own government which has never once presented a single credible piece of evidence to support any of their measures.

"....The CDC has no jurisdiction in Canada."

People forget the CDC has no authority in the USA either. All they can do issue is 'guidelines'. Somehow their declarations were taken as 'law'.

Other than that, the only thing more surprising is it happened with an Ontario university and not a Quebec one.

A name change is in order: Western 'University'.

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Glad to see some students asserting themselves! I’d like to think I wouldn’t have been as submissive and intellectually inanimate as the majority of students appear to have been throughout this fiasco. But, who knows. It was common sense to assume the government was full of shit back then because W was the US President. Do these kids actually admire Trudeau? Biden? The horror...

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If I were to write that the administration at Western is led by people who are fanatical, doctrinaire, extremist, psychotics who violate human rights, are anti-science, and show dangerous disregard for the health of students--would it really be an exaggeration?

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