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I look forward to the National Citizens Inquiry led by Preston Manning, who to my surprise was steadfast and consistent with his sound critiques and denunciation of these insane and disastrous policies. 2023 will also begin the reveal the results of the COP15 conference, and further

"climate" policies/measures in addition to the gas vehicle bans. Will gas powered stoves and products soon be banned in Canada? Will a meat tax soon be levied as we've been hearing in Europe? Or, will a meat tax be "avoided" because agricultural innovators such as Bill Gates will supply us all soon with lab grown and genetic/printed meat-thus heroically and simultaneously preventing us from famine while "saving the environment? We are also witnessing the introduction of the "climate credit card" in various jurisdictions-a clear foreshadowing of the future as this is incrementally introduced in order to get the populace acclimated to the concept before the complete transition occurs. Will the driving limits and KM tax soon be applied in Canada, such as in London, England with their "Congestion Charge" of 15 pounds a day? I recall Valerie Plante discussing this possibility, as well as additional tolls applied when entering certain areas. Most alarming, is Pierre Fitzgibbon controlling the economy and energy of Quebec now. As soon as he took office he brought up the concept of "energy sobriety" how there could be premiums charged with energy use during certain hours, and even indicated there is a looming scarcity of hydro availability. This while we continue to ban the use of fossil fuels and no clear plans to enhance the hydro-electric capacity neither. Furthermore, Quebec, in the declared vision of protecting the environment, the adoption of Bill 21, An Act mainly to end petroleum exploration and production and the public financing of those activities. Quebec thus became the first state in the world to ban oil and gas development on its territory. And what "green" initiative was implemented to usher in this energy transitions, why lithium batteries of course! The Government of Canada is working to make this happen, with Canada’s Budget 2022 including up to C$3.8bn over eight years to implement a Canadian Critical Minerals Strategy. It was recently announced that General Motors Co and South Korea’s POSCO Chemical will build a C$400m facility to produce battery materials in Becancour, Quebec. The plant will produce cathode active material (CAM), with the cathode being the most expensive chemical component of an electric vehicle (EV) battery. And recently, Quebec helped generate new investment for lithium mining to help create batteries for Tesla and the technocrat Elon Musk. "Le partenaire américain de Sayona, Piedmont Lithium, a annoncé mardi avoir modifié son contrat de vente avec Tesla afin de spécifier que la matière première proviendra de la mine à ciel ouvert de La Corne, en Abitibi. " Is this project economically viable? "Sayona est la troisième entreprise qui tente de relancer l’extraction de lithium à La Corne. La firme ontarienne Canada Lithium et un consortium chinois ont échoué à le faire depuis 2012. La mine a été en activité de 1955 à 1965." They've already had spills and environment issues, so they close and rebrand. This is the area in Abitibi where the Eska water supply lies. They're going to destroy that for us soon as well.

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