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Listening shouldn't be an act of obedience.

In the last few years, I was directing my GP. I take advice and know when to defer. But to just blindly listen to authority is foolish and dangerous.

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One of the difficulties of our current plight is untangling just WHO is doing what. The term "US is exporting" is no doubt accurate on some level - in describing the front end of funding streams, diplomatic and academic contacts, etc. But is the "US" really more of a broker, a convenient cut-out for entities who are developing programs and agendas? I refer of course to that nebulous "international community" of NGOs, multinational firms, "partnerships", and individuals (Gates et al) all of whom operate quite outside of any political accountability anchored to any sovereign state.

By the way, I don't think you have mentioned: is Trinidad currently in some sort of "State of Emergency" (of "exception" if you read Agamben) ? The US regime just extended that here; and this time, as I understand, did not stipulate an expiry date.

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