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I grabbed the long version for print out and later reading; and now I know a bit more about you.

"Anthropologists could have ...." - ah! - you must find this really quite devastating on a personal level - to see how your discipline revealed itself to be such tools of the Rulers (after all). I did graduate work in sociology at a Canadian university - probably when you were in elementary school - and the anthropologists were totally bad ass - take-no-prisoners anti colonialists an on and on - they hated the sociologists (probably not too strong a term!). So what happened between then and now?!

And it happened everywhere to everyone to every discipline. I recall, right at the beginning, March 2020, Giogio Agamben taking a principled stand against the Covid Operation. He was ready; he had been writing about states of exception for nearly two decades. You are no doubt aware of him - I think have seen echos of that concept here.

And so I waited for some ground swell of push back and opposition from the Universities but only watched them shut down and then rush to mandate - everything! -masks to vax.

So, there's Agamben (from whom I haven't seen recent work ) - and .... well, you! - there must be some others. Presumably your colleagues at Zero Anthropology among them

Agamben is 80 and looked fairly frail in 2020. You have more time - and much more work ahead of you - good luck!

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Great piece on ZA, Max. I'll try to share it around. Betrayal seems to be a rather large theme these days, doesn't it? It seems that the Ivory Towers of Academia we once new and loved(?) have thrown their lot in with unmitigated ambient evil and morphed in to Towers of Babble.

Can't help but remind myself of this lyric from the late Leonard Cohen:

And up through the system the worlds are withdrawn

From every dominion the mind stood upon

And now that it's over and now that it's done

The name has no number, not even the one

LC~ It's Torn

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Even in the Fauci leaked emails he and others referred to them as 'experimental'.

Hello. McFly!

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