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Everything in the Covid state, nothing outside the Covid state, nothing against the Covid state.

The professor's take was predictable. In fact, we at Fearless Canada had foreseen this would be the case way back in 2020. We knew they were going to pull the 'it was an emergency!' canard to weasel their way out of it. What's been shocking is how easily academia and the courts rolled over for the state. Not the media. We knew how they were going to play it.

This is why we kept names and receipts. There has to be a day of reckoning and accountability.

You can't ruin people's lives and say 'emergency!" You can't. It's amazing how these so-called intellectuals can't see this.

Maybe next time he will generously donate his paycheck to the people who lose their jobs in the name of public health.

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Funny how this was the “worst public health crisis in a century” when it in fact wasn’t, and a public health crisis does not mean that human rights and a proper morality and ethics based in actual science can therefore be ignored, and when the “public health crisis” was really an indictment of how we treat the elderly in our society, or how decades of poor dietary habits or lack of exercise eventually has a negative health outcome when confronted by a relatively benign disease (especially if under 60 or having no comorbidities). The banality of the phrasing of reality, that only serves to construct a false reality to account for bad policy. Here is the expert. I would spit in his face if I could.

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"...we shouldn't have politicians in the legislature who are openly anti-vaccine,"


Really? Since when? Are we not an 'open and free democracy?' Why is the good professor conflating vaccines with mRNA injections employing divisive rhetoric language like 'anti-vaxxers'? It is possible to be for the general vaccine schedule but NOT these experimental gene editing therapies. Two different worlds Bif.

Plenty of vaccinated people and experts question these products now. Are they suddenly 'anti-vaxx'? What's his hot take on Denmark ending the program for everyone under 50? That the UK is not recommending or offering it to kids under 12 and pregnant women? BOTH these places are not only collecting data but are at least transparent about it. Unlike Canada which is shamelessly manipulating, deleting and keeping it from public view. It's ok though. Despite what our incompetent buffoons claim, our biology is no different than anyone in the West and so whatever the negative efficacy and adverse events we're observing in places like Israel, Portugal and the UK it's a good bet the same will happen here. I suspect we will see more countries following Denmark and the UK. That is, actually act responsibly.

Gee, what does he attribute SADS? Is it a mystery to him? Dude needs to watch more Scooby-Doo cartoons.

You can only make sound and safe decisions if you're honest and can discuss it.

It also betrays and belies the steady and constant stream of real-world data and studies pointing to the fact these shots are lemons and were coerced under duress and without justification. No, you don't get to ruin people's lives without demonstrating that the measures undertaken without a cost-benefit analysis because 'muh public health' or 'muh emergency'.

You were locked into your homes (and in a curfew in Quebec to make sure we were the worst jurisdiction in North America) isolated from human activity for a virus that was aerosolized (which by the way, should have put an end to the whole mask masquerade nonsense. The body of evidence showed stretching back decades they're ineffective and will always be ineffective as several REAL studies in 2021-22 have shown. But like meth heads, they can't kick the habit. They'd rather be wrong and keep perpetuating a myth that really messes with people's psyche based on superstition end ego). It doesn't take a genius to understand how stupid this idiotic measure was. All it did was delay the inevitable - again as warned by plenty of experts who were unceremoniously centred and ostracized. Notice New Zealand gave up on their moronic Zero Covid strategy. Really seems to be working in China, eh? Meanwhile, Sweden rolls along. As we suspected, over time the data would vindicate Sweden and boy did it ever.

Continuing, we know, for example, that this virus has been around since at least 2019 and perhaps 2018 thus obliterating the 'novel' aspect to it. We also know and have known we had potential treatments and therapeutics. Likely suppressed to get the EUA. By law, if there are available treatments, vaccines are not to be administered.

We were told there was only one way out and that asymptomatic was a main driver of the outbreak but two events showed this was not true. One was the Diamond Princess which was limited to 19% of the ship getting infected. You can't get a better natural RCT than that and the study in Wuhan of 10 million people showed asymptomatic spread was not a problem. Way back in the summer of 2020 Fauci himself said the symptomatic were never the main drivers of outbreaks in the history of infectious diseases and he himself in a study of the Diamond Princess said the virus was likely to move in line with the flu - as did MANY experts. But recall how the arsonists and everyone in the Covidian Lockdown Brigade would react if you dared utter this. Recall how Christian Dube went after Dr. Rosenberg for saying it. For the love of God, we have Redfield allegedly saying they made up the six-feet rule which was confirmed in Birx's book who flat out said she made it all up. And these two were KEY influencers in the Trump administration. She has also publicly stated she knew the shots wouldn't work! Walensky is on record saying they got too 'excited'. The litany of incoherent musings, contradictions and lies is endless.

Hello. McFly. Big shot professor at the University of Ottawa.

Remember, the original reasons why they sold these low-quality products were to prevent infection AND to end the pandemic. It did neither. Should have stopped the campaign in its tracks. But it didn't. We're now on the booster highway to hell with all the nonsensical propaganda to sell them spewing from the mouths of 'TV Dinner Experts (TM) and public officials. These people should be nowhere near a syringe, scalpel or a Hungry Man's.

They knew all along they were lying through their teeth and asses because they needed to get this syrup into the arms of people. All this is indisputable we've moved on to whether this came from a lab and if it was released deliberately as well as why they desperately want everyone immunized with a leaky, non-sterilizing vaccine. They've taken it to the point of comparing our immune systems to...toxic batteries.

So what is he talking about here? Is he that ill-informed? How have vaccines come to be dogmatic pillars in civil discourse not to be discussed? Reminds of the gay uncle or brother n the family not talked about in the 1940s. We have to dance around topic like Jack Tripper's sexuality around Ralph Furley.

It's absurd and unacceptable. To think he's in a classroom blathering and expressing these vapid statements to students. His comments are so 2020 and completely irresponsible and delusional in 2022.

I say Duhaime continues to hammer at this.

No one should get off the hook for this obscene mess they've created.

I would love for the professor to answer these assertions. And he needs to show his work.

Apologies for the length.

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