“In other ways the war continues with the practice of locking down being expanded, as in the US’ current ban on “unvaccinated” foreign travellers, which effectively amounts to a Black Travel Ban since those most affected constitute half or more of the Caribbean population and most of Africa.”

That’s a powerful point I’d neither thought of nor heard anyone else articulate: todays “progressives” have effectively recreated the Progressive Era racial immigration quotas they (conceptually, performatively, not actually) abhor.

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Apr 30, 2023Liked by Dr. Maximilian C. Forte

Catching up here - excellent, I would say, anthropology - local to global and back again.

Only lacking the Raw Nitro embedded video at the end. Here it is!


You may see a comment by the author. My anthem too! - the language is difficult to parse - but all you need to know is: Outside like Garbage. Another commenter on another version gets it: "Buying Scrap Iron".

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