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The fact we've arrived at this point just goes to show how deep this corruption runs. There's so much in play here that simple reforms won't be enough. And you can't even shut it all down and rebuild because who's going to replace all the deadweight ideologues you kick out?

Everything has to collapse. OR the people seize matters into their own hands and begin replenishing the seeds of liberty. It's already happening in the United States at the local government levels. Eventually, it will foster change and reset the country and set the course for a sane future. I do see an American renaissance on the horizon and I want to be part of it.

I do not see this in Canada. The public here simply does not have an impulse for such things. The only way we change is when the Americans change and then it forces us to follow suit.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

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This disregard for academic freedom leaves me in a strange state: shocked, but not surprised. It’s as if no one realizes what academic freedom means and what its value is. Without academic freedom universities will produce illusion instead of knowledge. The lamps have gone out all over the world.

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These people, the new normal faithful, are sacrificing EVERY right they had upon the alter of Holy Vaccine. Secular intellectual types might fancy themselves above "religion", but this is a religious phenomenon through and through.

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Dear Max:

With all sincerity and from the bottom of my heart, thank you for continuing to speak out against this gathering evil. Personally, I could use at least a few more weeks of relative calm before the overt atrocities begin.

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RE: Julie Ponesse, Ph.D. - the Ethics Prof fired on vax mandate grounds from Huron University College.

She has been mentioned here (as I recall) can't find it right now - maybe some other post. But I did just find an update - perhaps by way of a happy ending - from her and thought I would post.


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